Introducing the Deadpans

The Deadpans are a collaboration between singer/songwriters Thomas Andrews and Michael Fairchild, along with a large cast of recurring characters who contribute their hard work and talent to the success of the band's albums and live shows. The Deadpans' catchy and original indie rock music blends a wide range of influences from indie, hard rock, folk, and alternative rock.

In 2009, the Deadpans have released their first album, "Ass Over Tea Kettle," featuring 14 original songs. All songs from the album can be downloaded for free from this website. The Deadpans are now hard at work on their second album, "Acme Rollerskate."

If you'd like to support the band, high quality downloads of the album are also available for purchase through iTunes, as well on available for streaming on your favourite services like Apple Music and Spotify. Our first CD is nearly sold out of its run, but copies are still available through Amazon.

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ass over teakettle


Album Credits: Ass Over Tea Kettle

Special thanks also go out to:

Tim Greencorn -- An honourary Deadpan, and producer, arranger, and technical wizard, The Deadpans and their first album would not exist without him.

Randy Orr -- During recording, Randy donated his time and drumming skills to help perfect the tracks for Ass Over Tea Kettle. He could often be seen in the studio long after his job was done offering his time and two cents.

Blair Hogan -- Guitarist-extraordinaire, Blair played the electric guitar, the mandolin, the banjo, and the lapsteel for Ass Over Tea Kettle.

Thanks also to Bill Schinkle & Steve Lentz, whose support were also instrumental in bringing the album to life.


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