Free Downloads: Ass Over Tea Kettle (2009)

  1. Get to the Point
  2. Mona Lisa Smiled
  3. People You Know
  4. Everywhere I Go
  5. This is Where My Troubles Ended (Part VI)
  6. War
  7. The Alligator Rag
  8. 24 Hours in Vegas
  9. Peace River
  10. Of Breasts and Buttercups
  11. Janglin' You
  12. Franz Kafka Meets the War on Drugs
  13. Lily
+ bonus: Mona Lisa Smiled (acoustic vocal track)


All songs are in mp3 format at a bitrate of 128 kbps. These are the fully mastered tracks from the newly released album "Ass Over Tea Kettle."

To download music to your computer, right-click your mouse pointer (Mac users who use a single-button mouse will need to use control+click) over the title of the song you wish to download, and select the "Save as" or "Download linked file as" menu option.

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