Lyrics: 24 Hours in Vegas

I wanna take you to the best part of this song
Where the wrongs I done get righted
Where the rules get re-decided
And the good guy gets the girl

I wanna take you to the best part of the evenin'
Beyond the lyin' and deceivin'
Where the goods come out all even
In the end

Cuz I've been up to the top and down to the bottom
Fifteen times today
And I'm not gonna stop till I get to the bottom
Of the game

I wanna take you to the best show in this town
Where the music gets inside you
Where the rhythm starts to ride you
And they're not too cool to dance

And then I'll get you to the best bed in this town
Cuz what goes up must come down
And these pills are frankly
Startin' to bring me down...

Words and music by El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans