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Lyrics: Of Breasts and Buttercups

[B]    [F#] 
[B]Picture perfect in the moonlight,
F#]waiting for the sun.
[A]And everything I've ever known
[B]has only just begu[F#]n.

[B]And everything you are my dear
[F#]is all I wanna be
[A]and any old place you lay your head
[B]is where I wanna [F#]be.

[B]Tryin' a get along w[F#]ithout you,
but it's [A]breaking my mind,
[E]making me[F#] crazy.
[B]Tak-a-lak-along with [F#]me
'cuz I'm [A]takin' my time
[E]takin' it [F#]easy [B] 

Your lips are like a buttercup
and your thighs are like a dream.
Your breasts are like a honey-mountain
range upon the seas.

And everybody else and me,
we always quite agree:
You are an oh-so picture perfect
sweet-born melody.

Tryin' a get along without you,
but it's breaking my mind,
making me crazy.
Tak-a-lak-along with me,
'cuz I'm takin' my time,
takin' it easy.

Words and music by El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans