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Lyrics: Everywhere I Go

[G]Everywhere [C]I go
[G]trouble it [C]seems to know
[G]and follow m[C]e off on the [D]same.

[G]Everything [C]I do
[G]seems to come [C]back and do
[G]whatever I [C]didn't want it [D]to.

[G]   [C]   [G]   [D]   [G]   [C]   [D]

[G]Everything [C]I say
[G]seems to come [C]back my way
[G]haunting me [C]at every [D]turn.

[G]Everything [C]I see,
[G]it turns out [C]not to be
[G]whatever I [C]thought it might [D]be.

[Em]      [G]    [Em]      [G]    [Em]      [G]    [D]

Everywhere I go
trouble it seems to know
and follow me off on the same.

Everything I see
it turns out not to be
whatever I thought it might be.

Everything I do
always come back to you,
haunting me at every turn.

Words and music by El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans