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Lyrics: Get to the Point

[Am]Get to the point, I'm getting [C]tired of this conversation
[Am]ten times in a [C]row.
[Am]I fear I must dec[C]line your invitation
[Am]to go to the s[C]how.

[G]Get to the [D]point, get off your [Am]ass, shut down your television
[G]and [D]open a d[Am]oor.
[G]Get up ge[D]t out stand up stan[Am]d out and smell the devastation
[G]knoc[D]kin' at your d[Am]oor.

I'm sorry for your sad anticipation
I just couldn't, couldn't make it.
Don't count on my participation
in the same old boring, boring

Get to the point, get off your ass, shut down your television
and open a door.
Get up get out stand up stand out and smell the devastation
knockin' at your door.

Words and music by Geno Robert and El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans