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Lyrics: This is Where My Troubles Ended (Part VI)

[Dm]I was in your [A7]room that night
[Dm]watching you get [A7]changed.
[Dm]The picture that you [A7]drew that night
[Dm]is etched into my [A7]brain.

[G4]And nothing that I[C] seen since then
[G4]has ever been the [C]same.
[Dm]I was in tune that [A7]night
[Dm]watching you get c[A7]hanged.

[Dm]      [A7]      [Dm]      [A7]
You took me to your room that night,
you took me to your bed.
You cast a little spell that night
that crept into my head.

And at the point of ecstasy
you whispered unto me:
you'll never leave my room this night.
You'll always be with me.

You were in my room that night
watching me get changed.
The picture that I drew that night
will always be the same.

And nothing I can say or do
will ever make it change.
You were in my room that night
watching all the same...

Words and music by El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans