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Lyrics: War (Soldier)

[G]Heads up, ass to the ground,
[D]Last man standing is t[G]he first man down.
[G]And you’ll be the first to die
When it[D] all comes down to war[G].

[G]Bangin’ on the chaingang man
[D]Big guns on the p[G]oor boys again.
[G]Drinkin’ beer and gasoline
Whiles w[D]e all get down to war[G].

[G]I’ve been first and last
[D]I walked both sides of the [G]railroad tracks.
[G]And I’ll be the first to last
When it [D]all comes down to wa[G]r.

[G]Oh. oh
[D]I got so stoned I couldn’t [G]find the door.
[G]Oh. oh
Have we[C] ever been here before?[G] 

Bangin’ on the chaingang, man
On point for the rich boys again
While they drink champagne and wine
I get my ass shot in the sand

I’ve been up and down cuz
I could not find out where the ground was
Will I be the first to drown
If my feet can’t find the floor?

Oh. oh
They got so boned they couldn’t find the door
Oh. oh
Have we ever seen this before?

Bangin’ on the chaingang, man
Say good-bye to your family and friends
When they send you off to war
Do you ever come back again?

Oh. oh
I got so honed I only saw the bore
Oh. oh
Have we ever seen this before?

Words and music by El Thomas


© 2008 the Deadpans